This mermaid princess is your client today at the spa salon. Give her an astonishing facial beauty makeover, turning her into the fairest ocean princess of them all. Make her look prettier than princess Ariel starting the makeover with a facial beauty treatment. Cleanse and hydrate her skin using marine based beauty scrubs, creams, lotions and masks. Apply them with your hands on her face. Gentle massage the mermaid's face and take care of the eye wrinkles with a couple of cucumber slices. A body massage is next, so have fun massaging her magic tail with body cream and lotion. Great job! The transformation is amazing and the underwater princess is pleased with the results. She needs your help to dress up in a fancy outfit as well. Pick a fashionable top and tail bottom, accessorizing the new attire with pearl jewels and a diamond princess tiara. Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game for girls!