Winx Tecna is going on a date this afternoon. She hasn't been dating for a while, so she has run out of practice. She has no clue what clothes or make up to wear. Save her from a big disaster, girls, giving her a stunning spa salon makeover! Turn her into a beautiful fairy doing her make up and hair. Dress up Winx Tecna in a fashion fabulous outfit, which can be a girly princess dress or a hot top and skirt or shorts. The cute fairy needs a spa facial beauty treatment to cleanse and hydrate her face. Use the zit extractor to get rid of all pimples, then apply a healing antibiotic cream to prevent infection. Wax Tecna's eyebrows and mustache as well. Create the perfect make up for her date, mixing her trendy makeup colors. How should she wear her hair? A hair care treatment will surely make it easier to style up, giving it a silky smooth look. Don't forget the magic wings! Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game, ladies!