What kind of make up and hairstyle should Kate wear with her white dresses? Which jewels, bag and shoes would make the best accessories? She definitely needs your amazing fashion tastes to find out the solutions to these questions. Give Kate a spectacular white dresses makeover and create the perfect look for each clothing item. Start with a facial beauty treatment to prepare her face for make up. Cleanse and hydrate her skin with spa salon cosmetics, using cleansing foam, mask, pimple serum essence, toner and cream. Dress her up in each of her white dresses, then work on the perfect make up and hairstyle. Use the make up colors available to give Kate lots of stylish day and night make up alternatives. Accessorize each gown with the right earrings, chain, purse, fancy sunglasses and head band or hair pin. Have an awesome time playing this new facial beauty game!