Natalie loves vintage fashion style and she has gorgeous vintage dresses in her wardrobe. Now that the warm weather is back, she is eager to wear her new aquisitions which she recently purchased at a shopping spree with her bffs. She absolutely adores that silk polka dotted dress or the lace sleeves and Peter Pan collar gown. That brown checkers dress is super chic and stylish. She could not resist buying that fancy pink Elizabethan princess gown or the gorgeous blue vintage dresses. Each of these classic fashion items must be accessorized with the perfect make up, hairstyle, jewels, hat or hair pin and sunglasses. Give Natalie a fabulous fashionista makeover, turning her into an elegant pin up, polka dotted or Marilyn Monroe diva. Each makeover begins with a face cleansing facial beauty treatment to prepare the skin complexion for the next make up step. Clean her face using cleansing foam, mask, lotion, toner and cream. Have a look at her eyebrows and pluck the unwanted hair. Have a blast playing our brand new facial beauty game, ladies!