We all like going trick or treat on the Halloween day wearing funny or scary looking costumes. It is a great opportunity to get free sweets and candies. Halloween is not complete without the traditional fancy dress ball party. Monsters, walking dead, ghosts, skeletons and all sorts of other creepy creatures of the night come alive on the Halloween night. Phoebe went shopping at the mall for her Halloween outfit. She is going to be a vampire diva this year and she has found a few dress up alternatives. She loves watching vampire movies like the Twilight Saga series and that is how she got this great idea. She needs a vampire facial makeover to match her fancy costume. Give Phoebe a stunning Halloween makeover with facial beauty treatment, make up, hair styling and outfit. Match her dress with the right studs, wig and hat. That Dracula hairstyle would look fabulously on the hot red dress. How about a mummy, witch or demon costume, ladies? Have fun playing this brand new facial beauty game!