This top model has a fashion runway show shortly. She only had a few hours of sleep after a VIP party she attended last night. She must look fresh and lively when she steps on the catwalk. Prepare the top model for the runway presentation with a top to bottom makeover. Rejuvenate her look with an invigorating facial beauty treatment. Cleanse her face with cleansing lotion. Apply face masks and cucumber slices to reduce eye wrinkles. A peel off mask will remove impurities. Hydrate her skin with a moisturizing cream before applying the base for makeup. Take care of her eyebrows, plucking them with tweezers. The model must be dressed up and each outfit needs a special make up and hairstyle. You have lots of work to do and little time before the fashion show begins. Don't forget the designer jewelries either! Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game!