There is lots of agitation in the magical realm of fairies lately, as a magnificent ball is about to take place tonight. This is a very important party where all the fantasy royalties will be present. Tooth Fairy is also invited to the ball tonight and she is really excited about it. She hasn't had any fun time for a while now, being busy with collecting lots of falling teeth from children. She has a magical beauty, hair and make up makeover which she usually uses when such occasions arise. She must also decide what dress and jewels to wear at the ball. There are only a few hours left until the party begins and she hasn't even started yet. Can you help the Tooth Fairy with her amazing facial beauty treatment, using her magic creams and star dust lotions? Give her a beautiful make up and haircut, then pick a gorgeous dress and glittery jewelries to match it. Don't forget her wings, as she cannot fly to the ball without them! Have fun playing this new facial beauty game!