Thanksgiving Day is next on the list after Halloween and before Christmas. Natalie has been invited to a Thanksgiving party. She looks forward to having lots of fun, chatting and dancing. It is the perfect occasion to visit the beauty salon. Natalie wants to look fabulous every time she goes to a party so she spends the day pampering herself at the spa salon where she has her nails, hair and make up done. This time she has some acne spots on her face which threaten to spoil the jolly holiday. Give Natalie the most efficient anti acne facial beauty treatment. Cleanse, hydrate and replenish her skin complexion using scrub, lotions, fruit creams and masks. Extract the unwanted red spots and blackheads using a zit extractor and pluck her messy eyebrows. Natalie fancies wearing a sassy native Indian outfit at the Thanksgiving party to keep in tone with the theme of the event. Got any dress up ideas, girls? Enjoy playing our hot new facial beauty game!