Melanie is having a tea party with the girls this afternoon. They are going out at a restaurant for a fun tea time to celebrate the beginning of the new university year. She has only a few hours to get ready and she has so many things to do, from taking a shower to styling up her hair, getting a facial beauty treatment, doing her make up and finding a gorgeous outfit to wear. Can you help Melanie prepare for her tea party, girls? Apply hair care treatment and styling products on her hair to make it smooth and silky, then style it up in a pretty hairdo. Apply a beauty mask and cream on her face, pluck her eyebrows, wax her mustache and remove the blackheads from her nose. Continue her makeover doing her make up and trying on various chic and stylish dresses to find the right dress. Accessorize the dress with proper earrings, bracelet and necklace. Add a fancy hair pin to her hairstyle. Have fun playing this new facial beauty game, ladies, and enjoy your tea party!