Talking Angela is ready for a great makeover which will turn her into the fanciest kitty diva ever. Her face must be purified from blisters, red spot and splinters. Begin the great makeover with a facial beauty treatment. Cleanse her face with bubbly face lotion and sponge. Extract the wood nails and bandage the affected areas. Use special facial creams to heal the blisters and spots. Groom the ears and reduce eye redness applying a cold ice patch on the eyes. Talking Angela has a flawless looking skin now and you can move on to the next step of her extreme transformation. Dress up Talking Angela in girly fashionable clothes and accessories. Have her wear chic and girly dresses, tops and bottoms, matched with fancy sunglasses, jewels and hats. Make room for the newest fashionista on the block, ladies! Enjoy playing our awesome new facial beauty game for girls!