Zoe is a great swimmer and she is the captain of her college female swim team. There is an important swimming competition this weekend and the girls are confident they will be the winners. All that hard study and practice will surely pay off. Zoe will wear a fashionable bathing suit and that means she must shave her armpits and wax her legs. She is not very good at doing these beauty procedures and she needs your help. Use your beautician skills to give the pretty swimmer a fabulous armpit makeover. Things are not as simple as they might seem at a first glance. There is an entire facial beauty treatment which must be followed to get the best results. There are certain steps which you must go through before the actual shaving of the armpit with a razor. Begin the swimmer's makeover applying an exfoliating cream which will remove dead skin cells allowing a smoother shave. Rinse off the cream with water, then use other cosmetics products. After the hair is removed from the area, the skin is delicate and a skin care lotion must be applied before using any deodorant. Have fun playing the rest of our brand new facial beauty game!