Hey, girls! My best friend gets married this Saturday and I am her bridesmaid. She will make a beautiful bride dressed up in the gorgeous glam princess dress we picked together. The wedding reception takes place in an open tent by the river bank. I cannot wait to see what the groom and his best man wear. I was so busy helping the bride shop for her wedding outfit, that I completely forgot about mine. I have never been a bridesmaid before so I am a bit nervous. What kind of dress and accessories should I wear? I need a facial beauty treatment, my hair and make up done as well. To get the best results, a trip to the spa beauty salon is mandatory. Prepare me for the wedding with a head to toe sweet makeover. Clean my skin complexion with salon beauty cosmetics, make me pretty with a stunning wedding make up and create a fabulous hairstyle. Complete the sweet makeover with a sensational outfit. A strapless or one shoulder elegant dress combined with high heels, gold earrings and necklace is the design I have in mind. Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game!