If you're a big fan of sleepover parties, I'm sure you'll love this party idea we have for you. How about throwing a super makeover party, with all your girlfriends, beauty treatments, makeup, hairdos and dresses too? A super makeover party would be a great opportunity for you to have some fun and spend a great evening together with your best friends doing something really girly. This makeover game starts with some facial beauty routines, some cleansers, some scrubs, a little face cream and some beauty face masks and after that, our girl moves on to the exciting makeup part. You could do the same after inviting all your friends over. Prepare sleeping bags, towels and cosmetics for everyone and then send your super makeover party invites on facebook. I'm sure your girlfriends will love attending this super makeover party and this one will be the first one in a series of successful makeover parties, girls!