No matter what season it is, a bride must look perfect at her wedding. Lots of weddings take place during the summer when the weather is warm and the sun is shinning. Too much heat can be bad though for make up and hairdo. Wearing the right wedding dress fabric is essential in order to keep the body protected from excessive sweat or any skin allergies. This young girl loves the hot season and she can't wait to get married. She fancies a long lasting summer bride makeover which will keep her make up and hairstyle in place throughout her wedding day. Can you help the girl prepare her face for make up with these professional facial beauty cosmetics? Use cleansing foam, face mask, spray, skin toner and face cream to remove all spots and impurities. Then use the VIP make up kit available to give her a professional long lasting make up. Style up her hair and pick the perfect wedding dress and accessories which the girl will wear at her wedding. Have fun playing this new facial beauty game!