Sophia is a foreign exchange student in China. She won a full semester scholarship at a famous university in Beijing and she is super thrilled about this whole experience. She cannot wait to taste the Chinese food and wear local fashion items. Sophia loves going to the spa salon and there are lots of facial beauty treatments she wants to try on. Enjoy a fabulous Chinese spa day with the cute exchange student and give her a head to toe makeover. Begin with a facial beauty session and pamper her face with lots of skin cosmetics. Cleansing lotion, scrub, serum, masks and creams like you can only find in China will make wonders on her acne prone skin complexion. Continue the spa day with a make up session and finish the makeover with a dress up session. Dress up the college girl in chic and fashionable Chinese style tops, bottoms, shoes and studs. Have fun playing this brand new facial beauty game!