Alice is playing Snow White in her school theatre play. The show starts in a few hours and Alice has not even put on her make up, let alone do her hair or put on her stage outfit. Help the school girl prepare for her fantasy role giving her a gorgeous Snow White makeover. Make her resemble the beautiful Disney princess as much as possible, but add a modern touch to her fairytale look as well. Treat her hair with hydrating and styling hair care products like masks, creams, lotions, sprays or serum. This way it is easier to style up. Continue with a make up session, turning Alice into a stunning Snow White princess. Which dress should she wear for her first stage scene? Match each gown with sparkling gold and diamond earrings, chain and tiara. But wait! Alice also needs a facial beauty treatment to cleanse her face from blackheads, so you should start with this first. Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game!