Robecca Steam got quite rusty lately and she can barely move. She needs a facial beauty makeover to get back on shape and be the Monster High fashion diva she used to be. Pour some oil into her robot joints and clean up her steel face with a facial beauty treatment. Use cleanser, scrub, rust lotion, but also moisturizing mask and shiny face cream. Remove impurities from her nose and wax her eyebrows. Robecca Steam needs a hair care treatment as well. Apply hair salon beauty products which will restore the health and smoothness of her gorgeous long hairstyle. She is very happy with your hair and facial makeover. Robecca Steam cannot wait to show off her new look to her Monster High ghoul friends. She has a brand new Monster High wardrobe purchased during her last spring break. Have a glance at her fancy chic dresses and advise her how to accessorize them. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game!