Little Red Riding Hood is visiting her grandma today. She has heard that on the same road she is taking to get to her grandma's house, a prince will be riding on his horse today as well. This can be her lucky day and she wants to look pretty in case she meets the prince. Red Riding Hood has a few zits on her face and she cannot go out of the house looking so horrible. Let's restore her self confidence with a fabulous facial beauty makeover, which will remove her unwanted skin acne and will make her beautiful again. Use face cleanser, scrub, zit extractor, concealer and face mask to treat her puberty skin issue. Then help her decide which dress and hood to wear today. Match her dress with colorful jewelries, a chic make up and a trendy hairstyle. Don't forget her basket with lots of goodies for her grandma! Now she is ready for her encounter with the charming prince. Have fun playing this brand new facial beauty game!