Nicole loves reading and her bffs share the same passion. The girls will meet at a coffee shop later on for some tea and a reading session. Help Nicole prep for the fun afternoon giving her a trendy chic makeover. Start the reading girl makeover with a facial beauty treatment pampering her face with skin cleanser, toner, facial cream and mask. Pluck the messy eyebrows and wax the mustache. Continue the girl makeover with make up and hair styling. What kind of make up should Nicole wear at a casual girls day out in the city? Something natural like black mascara and a pink lip gloss will do the trick. You can also add eye shadow and blush. A pony tail, braided side buns or loose waves are amazing hairstyle ideas. Dress up the reading girl in a fashionable street attire matching a loose t-shirt or country style shirt with denim jeans or shorts. How about a white tank top and overalls or a pretty casual dress? Have a great time playing our brand new facial beauty game!