Rapunzel spent centuries in that magic tower before the handsome prince found and rescued her. Now she wants to make up for the lost time and try all the miracles of the new world she discovers step by step. The first stop is at the spa salon where she will be pampered with a great makeover from head to toe to regain her beauty. Be her beautician and give Rapunzel a fantastic facial beauty treatment. Her skin is in a terrible condition with lots of spots, blackheads and messy eyebrows. You have lots of work to do to fix all these beauty flaws. Use cleanser and scrub to clean her face, then apply magic fairytale creams and masks which will make all impurities disappear. Pluck her rebellious eyebrows and give them a clean trendy shape. Rapunzel is a princess after all, so she must look like one. Continue the great makeover doing her hair and make up, then dress her up in lots of gorgeous Disney princess outfits. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game for girls!