All girls know who Rapunzel is and we've all read the book or seen the movie, right? Tangled is one of my personal favorites and I just love Rapunzel and her long golden locks. Rapunzel's story is magical and one of the parts you might not know is that Rapunzel invented her very own makeover routine and a series of facial beauty tricks to help her look beautiful all the time. She was bored one afternoon in her lonely tower, so Rapunzel started mixing different secret ingredients to create a magical cleanser, a face mask, a special scrub, a lovely face lotion and a miraculous face cream that will keep her looking young and fresh for years and years. Rapunzel wants you to learn her secrets and she wants to share her facial makeover routine with all of you, girls! Have fun using all her miraculous creams and lotions and share the secret with your best friends.