Going from punk to fashion fabulous is an extreme makeunder. This punk girl has accepted the challenge and she cannot wait to see her new look in the mirror. Transform her into an elegant Upper East Side fashionista. Begin the makeunder removing all punk fashion items, from clothes, shoes, hairstyle, piercings, tattoos and makeup. Get rid of all make up from lips, eyes and face areas before moving on to the next makeunder phase. Turn her into a stylish gossip girl changing her wardrobe completely. Elegant and feminine dresses, tops and skirts, high heels and hand bags are now part of her new socialite image. Design lots of outfits which she will wear on a daily basis. Complete her makeover with fancy hairstyles and make up. A few spectacular make up and hair styling tips will be most useful to the new fashion diva on the block. Have an amazing time playing our brand new facial beauty game!