All girls are excited when it comes to their prom night. Each girl wants to wear the most beautiful outfit and be accompanied by the most popular and handsome lad. Veronica is having her prom party tonight and her date picks her up in a few minutes. Give her a fabulous last minute makeover and help her win the prom queen title. Make her skin flawless with a facial beauty treatment. Clean her face with a cleansing lotion, then use scrub, moisturizing creams and masks. Take care of her messy eyebrows and eye wrinkles. Select the perfect dress to wear and match it with a gorgeous make up and hairstyle. Accessories are very important as well, so pick the right earrings, necklace, bracelet, clutch and a dazzling princess tiara. Veronica is super happy with her fancy new look and she wants to thank you for your beauty and fashion tips, girls! Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game!