Bella is a pretty vampire who plans on turning into the most fashionable vamp diva. It is her New Year resolution and she does not want to waste any more time. She has great fashion tastes and you can see that at a quick glance in her closet. Wearing fabulous clothes is not enough though. She needs a spectacular make up and hairstyle to complete her makeover and give her the desired fashionista look. Only a professional can help Bella. Be the pretty vampire's personal make up artist and take care of her make up for the whole new year. Mix and match the make up colors according to the time and the place she goes to. Find the perfect hairdo for each outfit she wears and don't forget the studs. A diva has a flawless skin and Bella's acne problems must be treated asap with a magic facial beauty makeover. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new facial beauty game, girls!