Nefera de Nile is back to Monster High and this time she is up to no good. She plans on tormenting her elder mummy sibling Cleo de Nile, creating lots of intrigues and looking like a true fashionista. She has brand new beauty, make up and dress up tips she wants to use to obtain a fashion diva look. Have fun with Nefera de Nile and her new facial beauty makeover. Even though she is a mummy, she has managed to preserved her hair and skin amazingly due to secret Egyptian magical potions and cosmetics. Check out her hair care treatment and try it on the Monster High cutie. Apply lots of lotions, sprays, creams and masks on her hair, making it super smooth and shinny. Pick a fancy Egyptian princess hairstyle for her to wear. Nefera de Nile has amazing face cosmetics created from ancient Egyptian ingredients. Check them out as well. Wax her mustache and eyebrows, then remove unwanted blackheads with a nose band. Dress the Monster High mummy in trendy and fashionable clothes and gold jewels. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game, ladies!