Draculaura is a Monster High diva and she wants to share her fashionista real makeover with all her fans out there. She has a fabulous facial beauty ritual each morning which makes her face shine like a diamond. You never catch her with zits or blackheads because she takes good care of her image. Draculaura likes applying various scrubs, lotions, masks and creams on her pale vampire face. Make up is very important for the ghoul diva and she always matches her make up with her outfits. Take a peek at her stunning Monster High make up kit, hairstyles, dresses and accessories. Make Draculaura look ravishing dressing her up in lots of fancy cute outfits, matching each dress in her closet with gorgeous gloves, scarves, earrings, glasses and haircuts. This is your great chance, girls, to get lots of beauty, make up and fashion tips from the fashionista doll. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game!