This gossip girl is always informed when there is a new party in the city. She just received a text message with the time and place of a fabulous midnight party. The event is tonight and the girl must get ready. In between spreading the gossip to her bffs, she must pay a visit to the beauty salon, make up salon and hair salon. She needs a facial beauty treatment to remove her acne spots and blackheads. Then she must have her hair and make up done, as she cannot show up at the event without a professional makeup and hairdo. She must also go shopping for a new party dress. There are lots of things to do and the girl has little time left. Use your beautician skills to cleanse and freshen up her face with the help of amazing designer brand cosmetics. Use salon products to give the girl a fancy night makeup and hairstyle. Pick an elegant and feminine dress and accessorize it with chic studs. Have fun playing this new facial beauty game!