Now it's your chance, girls, to turn wicked witch Maleficent into the good hearted princess she used to be. Convince her that there is still goodness in her poisoned heart while giving her a fabulous real makeover. Bring Maleficent back on the good side of magic and restore her lost angelic beauty. Begin Maleficent's transformation with a facial beauty treatment, applying magic lotions, creams and masks on her skin complexion. Continue the great fairytale makeover with a make up session. Use glamorous metallic make up colors when doing her lips, eyelids and eye lashes. The evil witch has beautiful eyes which can be underlined with a stunning smokey eyes makeup. Red lipstick is perfect for her plum lips and a dark volume mascara will give her extra long eye lashes. Check out her fantasy princess wardrobe and dress her up in lots of astonishing attires. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game!