Jasmine is a yoga teacher and she is getting ready for a new class. Lots of girls, women and men attend her course and they like her yoga teaching and dress up style. She creates a relaxed and laid back atmosphere for her students with her mere presence. The secret of her look is in the facial beauty makeover ritual she uses before each yoga session. She begins with a facial beauty treatment which cleans and purifies her face. Get a glimpse of her magic treatment and apply various beauty cosmetics on her skin complexion. Use the steamer before extracting zits or blackheads and pluck her messy eyebrows with her professional spa salon tweezers. Wash her hair next and treat it with hair care products for a smoother hair styling. What outfit should Jasmine wear today? A natural make up is better than no makeup at all. She looks so beautiful because she knows fabulous make up tips which she is eager to share with you, ladies! Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game!