Barbie and Ken are celebrating their relationship at the seaside. A tropical beach with soft sand, tall palm trees and warm ocean breeze are the perfect ingredients for a fab seaside vacation. It so happens that Ken's birthday is in one of these days, so Barbie has prepared a great birthday surprise for her boyfriend. A day at the spa salon is a dream come true for any girl, but this time Barbie wants to spoil Ken with such an invitation. Enjoy a fab day at the beach spa salon with Barbie and Ken. Pamper Ken with a spa makeover giving him a facial beauty and hair care treatment. Treat his skin complexion with spa beauty cosmetics such as cleanser, scrub, toner, facial creams and masks. Remove spots and pluck his eyebrows. Apply a hair care mask for a smooth and silky effect. Barbie cannot wait to see the new look of her handsome boo. Enjoy playing our newest facial beauty game!