Melissa has a red carpet event this evening where she will walk on the red carpet together with lots of celebrities. It is her first appearance on the red carpet and she wants to look exquisite from head to toe. As you can imagine, she will spend the whole day at the spa getting a smashing makeover worthy of a true Hollywood celebrity diva. A relaxing Jacuzzi bath is first on the to do list, followed by a body massage and a facial beauty treatment. Be her spa assistant and go through all the beauty steps she desires. Make her skin soft and flawless applying beauty products on her face and body. Extract the ugly red spots, reduce wrinkles and pluck the eyebrows while she is still in the Jacuzzi. Replenish the look with facial creams and masks. Melissa is ready for make up and hair styling now. Give her a stunning glam fashionista make up and hairstyle. She must go shopping for an elegant evening dress and accessories. Pick the most fabulous gown and match it with fancy high heel shoes, clutch and jewels. Have a great time playing our hot new facial beauty game!