What's new, girls? What have you been up to lately? I just discovered I love suspender on my last shopping spree and I cannot wait to show you my new clothing items. This weekend is the black Friday sales event and I don't want to miss it. There are just a few hours left until the big shopping sales and I must get ready. I am looking for great bargains on suspenders and shoes, but if I find other fashion items I fancy, I will not hesitate to buy them. Help me get my favorite I love suspender makeover and if you like it, you can try it yourself at home. Let's look beautiful on the black Friday from top to bottom. I usually begin my makeover with a facial beauty treatment to cleanse and hydrate my skin. This way I prepare it for the make up session. Apply the cleansing foam, mask, zit essence, toner and cream on my face. Next, do my make up and hairstyle. Which outfit should I wear today? I love that trendy hipster black and white stripped t-shirt and black pants or maybe a chic white printed t-shirt and denim jeans. Have fun playing this new facial beauty game!