Jasmine is going to a red carpet event this evening and she wants to look like a true Hollywood celebrity. Give her a real salon makeover just like movie stars get before walking on the famous red carpet. Treat her skin complexion with an amazing facial beauty treatment used by Hollywood actresses themselves. Make her face smooth and spotless applying various lotions, creams and masks. Get rid of zits and blackheads. Pluck her eyebrows taking into consideration the latest trends. Apply the base for make up which can be a nourishing cream or a special liquid foundation. Continue the makeover with a sparkling make up and a fancy Hollywood hairstyle. A long evening gown and glam clutch are must have fashion items. Dress up Jasmine in gorgeous elegant dresses and pick the dress you like the most. Glittery gold and diamond earrings and necklace will complete her fabulous outfit. Have a blast playing our brand new facial beauty game!