The market is saturated with all sorts of beauty cosmetics of high and low quality. Using the ones with best results for your skin type can be a tricky business. You can either try them all and see which ones work best for your face and body. Or you can go to an expert dermatologist. Annie knows exactly what facial beauty and make up products to use in order to make herself beautiful. Check out her high saturated makeover and see if you can find anything to suit your fashion tastes. Try on her amazing facial beauty treatment consisting in cleansing foam, mask, zits essence, toner and cream. Rummage in Annie's makeup kit to discover the latest trends in lipstick, mascara, blush and eye shadow. How about some glittery smokey eyes or a natural day look? Move on to hair styling and dress up to complete the makeover. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game for girls!