Hayden Panettiere is one of my favorite up and coming actresses in Hollywood and I have been watching her acting, singing and modeling evolution ever since she was a little girl. Hayden was born in Palisades, New York and she is the proud daughter of a soap opera actress, Lesley and a fire department lieutenant, Alan Lee. Hayden was always very passionate about acting and modeling, thanks to her Italian ancestors and her mother's acting career too. Now that she a famous actress too, Hayden must pay a lot of attention to what she wears and how she fixes her hair on a day to day basis, no matter if she has to attend some kind of fashionable event or just go shopping to the groceries store. Help Hayden get a great spa makeover and have fun applying some facial beauty masks on this New York star. Don't worry about the fact that Hayden is so famous, you'll see she's just a regular girl, just like all of us.