Kate is too old to go trick or treat, but she is not too old to party all night long for Halloween. Getting ready for a fancy party is her favorite domain of interest. You, girls, should have a peek at her amazing Halloween makeover and you might learn a thing or two when it comes to facial beauty and makeup. Kate has prepared a few facial creams and masks from natural ingredients with amazing effects for skin, especially now that the cold weather is here. Check out the pumpkin or grapes face masks! Apply the beauty cosmetics on Kate's skin complexion and observe the fabulous transformation. The face is cleaned from acne spots and dead skin cells, gaining its freshness and smoothness. Hydrating it with the right products is very important as well. What Halloween costume do you recommend Kate to wear at the party? Is it the spider princess, witch or bumblebee dress? How about a tight overall? Enjoy playing our brand new facial beauty game!