Gigi Grant will grant you any wish if you turn her into the fairest Monster High fashionista doll. Impress the cute Monster High genie with your amazing facial, make up and dress up skills, giving her an extreme makeover. Gigi's face is a complete mess. She has pimples, blackheads and hairy eyebrows. A facial beauty treatment will get rid of all these beauty problems. Take care of Gigi Grant's skin complexion making it soft and flawless. Apply a cleansing lotion and scrub to remove dead skin cells. Make the acne disappear extracting the zits and blackheads. Continue with magic healing face creams and masks. Pluck her messy eyebrows and wax the mustache if necessary. The Monster High doll needs a professional spa salon make up and hairstyle, so get to work granting her wishes. Dress her up in fancy and stylish Monster High outfits as well. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty games for girls!