Frozen Elsa is a queen now and that means she must show up in public more often than she used to when she was a princess. She must attend business meetings and royal balls on regular basis where she must look exquisite and flawless from head to toe. Take care of Frozen Elsa's new queen look being her personal beautician and make up artist. Cleanse and hydrate her skin complexion using beauty cosmetics appropriate for her skin type. Use scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and remove any zits that may appear on the face. Peeling, hydrating and rejuvenating facial beauty treatments are also mandatory. Pluck her eyebrows every week to keep the trendy clean shape. Continue the makeover with make up and hair styling depending on the occasion. Learn the steps towards getting a professional makeup look. Begin with a base cream for foundation, color the eyebrows and do the eye makeup. Continue with mascara, blush and lipstick. Have a fantastic time playing our newest make up game!