Carrie is a firefly fairy with a huge passion for fashion. She loves spending hours in front of the mirror making herself beautiful. Her hair is always silky and shiny due to an amazing hair care treatment which she uses each time she washes her hair. Shampoo and conditioner are not enough to obtain the desired wow effect, so she applies hydrating mask, nourishing argan oil and illuminating hair serum on top. The fairy treats her skin with a facial beauty treatment which removes all spots and blackheads. She regularly plucks her eyebrows, waxes her mustache and uses a special instrument which gives volume to her eyelashes. Have a glance at Carrie's fantastic firefly fairy makeover and spend a wonderful time with the cute magical creature, turning her into a beautiful fairy princess. When you are done with the beauty part, continue the makeover with a make up session and finish with dressing her up in colorful and pretty outfits. Have a great time playing this brand new facial beauty game for girls!