The fun fair is back in the city making lots of children, teens and grown ups happy. Jessica cannot wait to ride the awesome Ferris wheel. There are many more attractions she is eager to try. What should Jessica wear at the fun fair though? The place will be crowded with people and handsome guys. The chances of meeting a nice boy are pretty big. Give Jessica a ravishing Ferris wheel makeover making her look pretty and fashionable. Cleanse and hydrate her face with a facial beauty treatment. Wash the skin with cleansing lotion, apply facial toner, mask and cream. Remove the facial hair and pluck the eyebrows. Now the teen girl is ready for make up and hair styling. Dressing up is next on the list. A black leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans and sport shoes or studded boots can be a fabulous dress up alternative. How about a pink dress or an elegant green trench outfit? Don't forget your iPhone or camera! Have a blast playing our brand new facial beauty game!