Snow White is a famous Disney princess dearly loved by children all over the world. Many generations have grown up watching her fairy tale on TV or taking photos with her at the popular Disney theme park. Olivia is a teen American actress and she is fortunate to play the famous princess at various children's events or birthday parties. She is having a Disney event in Central Park this afternoon and she must get ready. Give Olivia a gorgeous Snow White princess makeover and accompany her at the event. Start with a beauty spa treatment to cleanse and hydrate her skin. Don't leave any red spots or blackheads on Snow White's face! Do her stage make up and hairstyle. Finish the makeover dressing her up in her famous blue, red and yellow gown. You can also dress the girl up in pretty Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine or Aurora outfits. Enjoy playing this hot new facial beauty game!