A cosmetic treatment is not enough when you have serious skin problems. You must visit a dermatologist who treats facial skin emergencies. Your new patient suffers from a rare skin condition causing bruises, acne spots, blisters, blackheads and hair growth on the face. She went to lots of doctors so far, but none of them managed to find a cure. You are her last hope. Use your facial skin doctor skills to examine and treat the pretty girl. Help her regain her smile and self confidence prescribing her the correct medical treatment. A surgical intervention might be needed to get rid of the red blisters and heal the skin injuries. Apply anti acne creams and lotions to cleanse the girl's face from zits, black spots and impurities. Pluck the facial hair and bandage the open wounds but not before disinfecting them. The external treatment has no effect without internal medication. Enjoy playing our awesome new facial beauty game, ladies!