Looking nice at prom is not an option anymore, girls! It might have been enough a while ago, but now, when every other girl is a fashion addict, looking fabulous at prom is a must. A girl is required to wear an amazing dress, high heel shoes, sparkly jewelry and a clutch to match her outfit. Our friend just heard about all these strict rules for prom and she locked her door and stated that she's just not going to go. All the pimples on her face and her man eyebrows make it impossible for her to look amazing for prom. I told her to relax because you're going to the rescue and I'm sure you'll give her a makeover made in heaven. She will not be able to believe how great she looks and how beautiful she will feel when you're done. Dress her up and then put her in that black limousine and send her off to prom. You're turn will come, girls!