Everybody needs love, some of us are lucky to find it earlier, others have to keep trying. Kate is going on a date this afternoon. She was invited to have dinner at a downtown restaurant. Her date will pick her up in a couple of hours, so she must get ready. The guy might be the one, so she wants to look beautiful. She just came out from the shower and she is about to begin her beauty ritual. Check out her sensational facial beauty treatment which makes her skin complexion spotless and smooth. Help her apply various lotions, creams and masks on her face. Remove them gently with water and get rid of spots and impurities. Pluck her eyebrows and wax the mustache if necessary. Continue the makeover with a fabulous make up and hairstyle. Last but not least, Kate needs an elegant evening dress to wear. Which one should she pick, girls? That red sequin gown is super hot. How about that strapless pink princess dress? Kate will look drop dead gorgeous at her love date. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game, ladies!