Raven Queen is a student at the new Ever After High School. She is the daughter of the Evil Queen, Snow White's wicked stepmother. Unlike her mother, Raven Queen does not have an evil soul and she dreams of having a happy ending story. She likes looking fashionable and spending time with her Ever After High friends. Wanna hang out with the pretty princess while she gets ready for a new day? This way you get a glimpse at her beauty and make up tricks, as well as her fabulous clothes and accessories. She wants you to help her with her facial beauty treatment today. She also needs her eyebrows done, as they got quite messy. Do you like her fairy tale make up kit, girls? How about her fancy princess dresses and studs? She is about to meet her friends and she might introduce you to them, if you do a good job dressing her up. Have fun playing this new and exciting facial beauty game!