Daring Charming is an Ever After High student and he is the son of fairy tale character Prince Charming. Daring Charming is a handsome prince with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is rumored to have a romance with Apple White and it looks like he will be the prince to wake her up with a kiss from her hundred years sleep. How lovely is that, girls? He isn't called Charming for nothing, you know! At the Ever After High looks are very important and the male students here use beauty cosmetic treatments just as often as their fellow princesses. Check out Daring Charming's facial beauty ritual which begins with shaving up his beard and applying after shave lotion. He cleanses his face with scrub and facial mask, plucks his eyebrows and brushes his teeth. His wardrobe is made up of elegant prince costumes and crowns, but also sport and casual street outfits. Help the prince keep up his charms playing this brand new facial beauty game! Enjoy!