The elements of nature are not to be messed with, but they are no match for this beautiful princess. She can control the wind and she rules over a fantastic far away kingdom. The beauty of this wind princess has spread in all the neighboring kingdoms and many princes have come to conquer her heart. What they don't know is that this royal blooded diva owes her beauty to an amazing facial beauty makeover she uses each morning. She begins each day with a beauty cosmetic treatment to cleanse her face from spots and blackheads. Then she styles up her hair and does her make up. She has a personal fashion stylist who designs her outfits, matching her gorgeous dresses with the right jewels. This week her fashion stylist is away with business, having the task of renewing her wardrobe with new dresses. Take his place and dress up the princess in feminine and fashionable attires. Have fun playing this brand new facial beauty game!