Betty just received a gossip girl text message regarding a must go to disco party taking place tonight. She has no time to waste, as she meets up her bffs in a couple of hours. She must take a shower, do her make up, style up her hair and find the perfect dress. She also needs a facial beauty treatment and eyebrows plucking. She will not be able to do all these things unless you help her out, girls! Give Betty a smashing disco party makeover, starting with the facial beauty treatment. Cleanse her face from impurities and spots, hydrate it and apply the base for makeup. A smokey eyes night make up is a fabulous alternative, but feel free to use your own ideas. Complete the makeover with a fancy hairdo and a feminine attire. Pick a party dress and accessorize it with matching heels, studs and bags. Have a great time playing our brand new facial beauty game!