Luna spends lots of time taking care of her look. She does not get out of the house without a fancy make up, chic hairstyle and trendy outfit. Looking beautiful all the time requires some beauty sacrifices. She visits the spa salon on regular basis, but she uses lots of home made facial creams and masks which she prepares in her own bathroom. The teen cutie discovered a new trend in facial beauty treatments involving the use of eye masks. Today she is trying a milk eye mask for the first time and she needs your assistance to prepare and apply it on her face. Clean her face first with a cleansing lotion, then mix milk with ice cubes in a bowl. Apply the resulting mask on the bottom of Luna's eyes and wait for a few minutes to see the effects. The wrinkles will be gone and Luna will look fresh and fabulous. Continue the treatment with a jojoba infusion, adding a secret ingredient to it as well. Have a great time playing our brand new facial beauty game!