Melanie is getting married next weekend and she does not want to leave everything for the last minute. She has decided to start her beauty transformation from this week instead of leaving it for the day before the wedding, when there are other things to take care of. This week the cute bride is having her facial beauty treatment done to freshen up her face and get it prepared for the wedding make up. She wants to try various make up alternatives before she decides which one she will wear on her wedding day. Give the cute bride a gorgeous wedding beauty treatment with a pill off, zits and blackheads extraction and skin reinvigorating mask. Then do her wedding make up using the trendy make up kit at hand. She is also not decided about the hairstyle she will wear, so how about showing her a few bridal haircuts as well? A dazzling tiara would look amazing on her hair, don't you think? Have a great time playing this fabulous new facial beauty game!